A night to influence, inspire & share.

21·10·14 5pm to 10pm

Old Spitalfields Market – E1 6EW

Tuesday 21·10·14 – 5pm to 10pm

The Crafts, a gathering of artists showcasing their talents and skills to a room of like-minded people. Ready to inspire, influence and share.

Old Spitalfields Market – E1 6EW

Tuesday 21·10·14 – 5pm to 10pm

The Crafts is not a hair show. The crafts is a live gallery of artists, craftsmen and musicians, displaying their unique abilities to an intimate crowd.

Old Spitalfields Market – E1 6EW

Tuesday 21·10·14 – 5pm to 10pm

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21·10·14 5pm to 10pm

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Nathan Bowen —
Street Art

Nathan Bowen is a street art vigilante, he acts as an artistic gangster that gives the streets creativity and character. Nathan uses the streets as his gallery, he wants every day people to walk past and enjoy his art for free. He believes that creating street art brings people together and forms visual pleasures.

Nathan style is unique, fast, unpredictable, free flowing, aggressive and energetic, using pens, paint markers, brushes and acrylic paints to create his classical characters known as ‘The Demons’. These characters come in different forms, each one representing a social citizen. Some of the demons come in the form of soldiers, firemen, clowns, beefeaters, but he is most well known for his ‘Demon Builders’ which occasionally pop up on building site hoardings around London.

In 2012 Nathan and his artwork was featured on the BBC television show ‘The Apprentice’ where the contestants of the show had to sell Nathan’s work in a London art gallery. Since then Nathan’s art has become more and more popular around London and the rest of the U.K.

Louise Jones —

Louise Jones, an illustrator who works under the alias of sparklymouse, is based in Birmingham. Her ideas and creativity are focused around intricate hand embroidered illustrations of the human figure, and lately she has started experimenting with the use of typography in her work. Louise loves working with embroidery as with each piece created another image created on the backside, which she also often incorporates into her work. She also likes the fact that once an image is framed one side of the image will be lost forever. In her work Louise is also fascinated with the idea of beauty and likes using the “right” and “wrong” side of the image to illustrate this, taking a new spin on both embroidery and illustration.

Also Louise was recently chosen to exhibit her work at this years New Designers One Year On, showcasing over 50 of the design worlds brightest new names.
07947 750 085

Lucy Sparrow —

Working at the intersection of contemporary art and craft, Lucy Sparrow’s work sets the agenda for textiles within the urban art scene. She works mainly with felt and wool, creating over-sized soft versions of existing objects and major art works The aim of this ‘feltism’ is to question, playfully, the politics of artistic production and to tackle (often collaboratively) some of realities of contemporary living, dealing with issues concerning the politics of consumerism, social exclusion and mental wellbeing.

She has advanced her arts practice and social agenda through her own solo shows (“Imitation”, 2012, Hoxton Gallery, London; “Softcore”, 2013, Crocus Gallery, Nottingham), and her work has been shown alongside notable street artists, including Banksy, in the “Urban Take-Over”, the Victoria & Albert Museum’s touring Street Art exhibition and in the “Urban Art Show” (Louise T Blouin Foundation, 2013). She also has works in private and corporate collections in the EU and the US. As part of the strategic vision she has for this field of practice, she curated the “Craftivism” Group Show (W3 London, 2013), reflecting critically on the intersection of fine art, craft, politics and social change. She has been an invited contributor to over 35 group shows, including the annual Modern Panic exhibition (2009-2013) and the City Art Institute of Mental Health Exhibition (Nottingham, 2013-14). Alongside her gallery based practice, she have developed a series of participatory high profile public art projects, including activist work with Greenpeace, and “mini-structures’ a six month long commission for Time Out.

In August 2014, Lucy unveiled an 8-month long project to create an entire cornershop out of felt for a month in Bethnal Green, London.

07779 971 521

Anna Lingis —
Make Up

My name is Anna Lingis and I am a self-taught face & body painter and makeup artist, living in North London.
Ever since I can remember, I have loved art and all things creative. Although I hadn’t picked up a brush to paint in almost 20 years, I have always loved being creative. Art was my favourite subject at school and I went on to study Product Design at university level. Over the years, I have experimented with making jewellery, customising & making clothes, painting canvases, designing tattoos, nail art and make-up too.

My journey really took a turn two years ago when I painted my face for a party as a Zebra and as they say, the rest is history.
From there, requests & bookings flooded in for face painting, body painting and makeup too. The passion & desire I had with creativity developed into a full time career for me. I feel very blessed and grateful that my dreams have come true in this way. I have a great support network and this drives me to pursue my dreams further.

I take inspiration from everywhere, from household junk, the outdoors, books, films, food, influential artists such as Dali & Lichtenstein, etc as well as my own imagination. I can’t put into words how much I love to paint; it’s an amazing outlet for me to express myself. I pay great attention to detail and am highly critical of myself, producing only exceptional work is satisfactory for me.

Jenny McIlhatton —

Jenny McIlhatton has created the millinery atelier For Evelyn, by fusing
fashion training and a love of textile art. Her influences range from tutu’s
to Hitchcock films. Her unconventional approach to Millinery creates a
trademark style; whether you choose a ready-made or bespoke piece. As
Isabella Blow said ‘I don’t use a hat as a prop, I use it as part of me’.

+44 (0) 7811 898 804

Andy Burgess —
Wood Sculpture

Andy is a Wood Sculptor based in South Manchester. He uses chainsaws and power tools to shape tree trunks and stumps into a vast array of shapes, figures animals, and sculptural forms. Breathing new life into a piece of wood that would otherwise be disposed of or destroyed.
He was the first Chainsaw sculptor to exhibit at RHS Chelsea in 2013, and is regularly commissioned by garden designers, architects, and corporate clients to produce one-off pieces of sculpture.

Andy provides smaller free standing private commissions, or on a larger scale, sometimes shaping trunks over 20 feet tall for Councils and Parks, throughout the Northwest. Further afield Andy provides internal sculptures for the Nando’s Restaurant chain where he has completed over 40 installations throughout the UK.

As his website will hopefully confirm – anything is possible !

+44 (0) 7985 025 521

Brendan Hesmondhalgh —
Animal Sculptor

Brendan Hesmondhalgh is a Yorkshire based animal sculptor who works primarily in clay, wax and bronze. Capturing the dynamic nature of animals, and focusing upon structure, movement and character Hesmondhalgh creates sculptural works that encapsulate and embody a creature’s spirit in inimitable style. Using sculptural surfaces like that of a canvas, directional and textural marks are included to enhance each form.

Eighties Conspiracy —
Graffiti Crew

EC is a graffiti crew/family created by Aseb and Cemo near Marseille, south of France 10 years ago (2003). The crew is composed of Aseb, Asty, Cemo, Neist, Seok, Sorow and Urges.

The EC, now known as the ‘Eighties Conspiracy’, spend their time between London, Toronto, Paris and the south of France producing large scale murals and still living for the same things: letters and colours.

The London Trio Aseb, Cemo and Neist often like to work on the same piece mixing wild style, organic, abstract shapes, and futurism; the EC brings to life the most colourful scenery in a style of their own.

“ It’s all about the evolution, each layer of paint, each colour, each line complement each other and makes for the final piece”

They recently produced a video and mural for the New York streetwear label ALIFE and their Spring14 collection.”

IG: @asebueno
IG: @raphcemo

Lili Colley —
Fashion Jewellery Designer

An innovative, new and exciting, international award winning Fashion Jewellery Designer.Inspired by the wonder of light Lili uses light conducting materials, layering coloured spectrums of Perspex, mirrors and polished brass she makes innovative geometric design constructions and experiments in 3D design to create glassy shiney finish which interacts and plays with light, absorbing the lights energy to create glows of mesmerizing colourful reflections and refractions.With her outstanding collection that ranges from head pieces, neck pieces, bracelets, rings and bags she entertains and enlightens us with her technological proficiency that she applies to her intuitive geometric jewellery designs.To adorn a piece creates a buzz of excitement that feels like magic!

Laura Swift —
Tattoo Artist

“I started work as a freelance illustrator after i began working on my own independent comic book a few years back. I initially worked with dotwork and stippling to create weird and wonderful A5 pieces daily which mostly got me working for musician clients. After a year of refusing to use my background in illustration for tattooing, i met my idol who convinced me otherwise so a day later i got a tattoo apprenticeship and started from there. I have a love of old school tattoos and anything traditional which i try to emulate however i still like to keep them girly when i can because i’ve always had a penchant for detail (hence the dotwork). You’ll either catch me drawing something overly feminine or overly creepy.

I’ve previously worked with charities for such events as the Soho Arts Fair, exhibiting my work and teaching classes on drawing and tattoo art.”
IG: @lauraannswift

Meredith Owen —
Fine Artist

The small, bizarre, and intriguing subjects that influence Meredith’s compositions incorporate a concept that plays a vital roll in viewing art: A theory know as ‘the suspension of disbelief’ – that which draws a viewer into an image because it is not as it appears upon first glance.

Meredith also has a long drawn attraction and interest in nature, animals in particular and their existence within this world. The way we manage our environment and how we view nature’s roll in ‘our’ world fascinates her; ‘‘we seem to battle against the ‘wild side’ but also use information that this earth’s flora and fauna provide for our own benefits’’. Observing humans working with and against nature hugely influences Meredith’s thought process and her work.

Alexandra & Maria Luiza Tonchievici —
Origami Artists


We are Ale and Maria, twin Romanian artists, who have discovered the beauty of ORIGAMI, the Japanese Art of Folding Paper, about 6 years ago. Since then we have developed all sorts of fun activities for children and young people, engaging them in creating something unique. For us, ORIGAMI is a communication channel used towards discovering and fostering of new creative skills. Just by using the “magic touch” of our bare hands, we bring to life all our ORIGAMI projects. Most importantly, ORIGAMI is more than just a beautiful craft idea…… enables us to achieve a goal.

+44 (0) 7582 571 890

Asanga —
Ice Sculptor

A creative and dynamic sculptor whose work has been showcased at high profile, celebrity events as well as on television and in live performance. Specialises in thinking outside of the box to produce innovative sculptures that provide an accurate representation of the subject. Who has acquired a strong reputation within the industry in recognition of my unique style and my ability to produce high quality work in the tightest timeframes.


Telephone: +44 (0) 7912 515 395

Venue: Old Spitalfields Market
16 Horner Square, Spitalfields
London – E1 6EW

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